You're smart. Funny. Thoughtful. And, overwhelmed by the complexities and unspoken rules of dating. Whether you're shy and introverted, or recovering from a painful break up, we all need space to be our entire selves without fear of judgment or rejection.

Ms. Grey now provides digital and in-person platonic romance support - you'll never have a more passionate friend in your dating corner! See below for examples of previous engagements, in various combinations. These are non-exhaustive, packages are bespoke to your needs and comfort level. If you'd like to explore the art of human connection beyond platonic intimacy, please refer to my Companionship experiences. 


Best Friend Experience: judgment-free, candid conversations about all the things you wish you could ask women; download on dates and get real time advice before and after  [in-person and digital]

Dating Apps

Let me help design your dating profile(s) to connect with the type of matches you're looking to attract. Brainstorm unique intros and fun first date ideas. [in-person and digital]


Let's do dinner, see a movie, hit the bowling lanes, attend a new art show - whatever you enjoy most. Sharing a passion is contagious, and practice makes perfect. [in-person]


As the master of connection amongst friends for years, let's go out and paint the town red - let me worry about breaking the ice and making intros along the way. [in-person]

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